Tuscan family, Tuscan design.

Our family has been creating for as long as we’ve been in Tuscany. Over 50 years of passion and professionalism. It’s been a fairly natural transition from the world of antiques to the world of art for our parents, Verio and Daniela Tiezzi, and us, Massimo and Martina. And we’ve never quite been able to say goodbye to the Monte San Savino boutique we grew up in. Come and visit our international showroom in the heart of a village from yesteryear. 


Inspiration and culture come together during the design phase. Massimo is constantly inspired by ceilings, cellars, books and works of art. He’s an expert in materials and shapes.


Taste isn’t just a talent, its the product of experimentation and perception. Martina doesn’t do Home Staging. Instead, she transforms her imagination into real spaces in which objects interact with one another. She’s incredibly skilled at creating the perfect balance between Interno43 designs.